Jeffery Draws Terms of Service 
This Agreement was last modified on March 1st, 2018.

By visiting, browsing or submitting question(s) to jefferydraws.com you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.
The artworks provided on this website are owned by Jeffery Kingsley and are protected by international copyright. Under the authority of the copyright holder you are not allowed to copy, trace, repost, or save any of these works to any website without the permission of I.
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1.  Concept Art
After receiving a reply to your quote the total cost will be given. Your quote is sealed once the down payment is sent. This means the price and design of your character cannot be changed. You are responsible for making sure you include everything you want before the down payment is sent!
Concept art will be provided and drawn by me after the down payment is paid. It will include every part you commissioned. This is when we will discuss further to make sure there are no misunderstandings. I’ll send the concept art to you to make sure you’re happy with what you’re paying for.

Once the concept art is complete we should both have a good idea of what will be made. I will be following the concept art as a reference.

If you have a reference of your character(s), you must provide these. 

2. Payments
Amount of payments will be determined privately with the commissioner.

Once you send a payment in USD (if it is for a commission that has a fixed amount), I will work according to amount sent and time put into the artwork. Therefore, you are paying for labor and materials. If you cannot afford all of the payments, please do not commission me.

Rush fees are charged for orders that need to be completed within a shorter amount of time it would normally take depending on what is being commissioned (ex. A storyboard may take longer than a transparent image). Rush fees are a 15% of the total cost and cover the extra time and effort being put into your order to ensure it’s quality.

I am flexible and will work with your budget if you have one.

If the commission is not of a fixed price, I will charge hourly. My hourly rate is $30.00.
Hours will be tracked and logged down. These will be sent in an invoice to you.

I will allow up to three changes of the commission before I start to charge extra per change.

3. Wait Time + WIP
Depending on the number of commissions I am taking at a time, you will be added to a list. I’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take before I get to you. Once the list is full, I will close commissions.


I will be updating you with photos as I go along. When I need your opinion on something I will ask before doing anything to the piece. Once complete I will not edit it any further.

 I WILL NOT begin working on your commission until you’ve paid your invoice in full.
I will finish your commission within approximately 1-3 weeks of payment.  I will inform you of any absences or extenuating circumstances that prohibit me from working on your commission and how long of a delay that means for you. I thank you for your cooperation and understanding in advance!

4. Finished Product

Once your piece is finished you will be sent pictures of the final product. Once the photos are shared publicly (on this website and so on) I will not do any further edits.

If you want to share this commission, you MUST give me credit and link back to this site, or on my deviantart / tumblr.

Royalty is different for storyboards, logos etc. These shall be discussed.

I will ONLY offer a refund if at least one of the following conditions is met:
1. It has been over a month since you first commissioned me and the work isn’t done
2. I am unable to finish your commission for any reason

You must be 18 years or older to commission mature content from me. By sending payment, you agree that you are 18+. If you are found to be underage, you will be blacklisted from future commission opportunities.

7. I have the right to refuse a commission

Things I will draw:
– Storyboards
– Character designs for animation / gaming / movies
– Children’s illustration / books
– Comics and Zines
– Spot / Editorial Illustrations
– Pet portraits
– NSFW artwork
– and more!

Things I won’t draw:
– Any sort of spec work / free art
– Although I will draw NSFW subjects, I will 
not draw: minors, incest, non-con, or nsfw involving fluids.

 I retain copyright to all of my works. I may use commissioned work in portfolios, on social media, etc. Reproduction or redistribution is not allowed. You may upload the art I made for you anywhere you like so long as you give me credit. However, I upload it already

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