This is divided into three sections: Personal, Art-related, and Business-related.


What is your name?
Jeffery Kingsley

Pronouns? Gender?
They/them/their or Xe/Xem/Xeir. I am Agender.

How old are you?
I am 23 years old

Are you in school? 

I graduated with a diploma from the Independent Illustration program.
I won the Independent Illustration Award.
As well, I have a certificate in Art Fundamentals.

Currently in college studying Animation.

Where else can I find you?

DeviantART || Tumblr || Youtube || Twitter || Instagram || Facebook || Redbubble


What do you use to draw?

I like to use different size sketchbooks, as well as keep an Art Journal. I mostly use 8.5″ x 11″, but also use some smaller ones.

For digital, I use a mix of Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, and Illustrator!
I use a Huion GT-220, but have also used a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

For traditional, I use pencils, pens, and ink liners. As well as Copic Markers, and Watercolour.

The types of liners I use are Pentel brush pen, various Micron 05 pigment liners, and Faber-Castell liners.

How long have you been drawing for?

Since I could use a pencil.

I started to get really serious in 2008.

How about animating?

I’ve been animating (self-taught) since around 2009. I use photoshop, Animate / Flash CC, and Sai. I’m hoping to learn animation professionally.

I want to get better. What should I do?

Keep an art journal and experiment! If you’re able to, draw something everyday even if it’s a little doodle.

Don’t be scared to make mistakes. Make a lot of them. Practice, observe, just do it.

It’s awesome to try new things, but it’s fine to stick to things you like.

Go to Life Drawing classes. Those can really help with anatomy and form.

Don’t give up, and don’t worry if you’re ‘slow’ at improving. With every new drawing, you’re improving.

How do you get inspired??

I, personally, tend to get inspired by raw emotions I happen to be feeling. Music is also great for me.

Some people get inspired by nature, friends, other artists. Just find what works for you.

Do you do commissions?

Yes! Check out my commission page.

Why are your Sketchbooks so expensive?
I have to travel for almost two hours to the store, and two hours back. For bus and train fee together, both ways, costs $14.50. One (1) sheet of paper costs $3.00. I need at least two-four (2-4) to make a book. So, that is $6-$12.00. I need extra if I am creating a hardcover sketchbook. Mixed media paper costs between $10-$15.00. Also, the thread costs $0.80 per colour.

Total to make the book: Between $34.00-$52.00.
Cost of the books: Between $10-$40.00.

Requests/art trades??

Friends only. If you’d like me to draw you stuff, please look at commissioning me.


I want to commission you. How do I do that?

Send me your commission request with details (the more specific the better) and any reference images to the email address hellsxntart@hotmail.com. Please include your full name as well in the body at the top of the email so I can be sure to know who you are!
If you are wanting me to design a character or to make reference images for you, please be as detailed as possible about what you want the character(s) to look like.

How do I pay?
CAD (Canadian Dollar) through PayPal or E-Transfer.

If we are meeting in person, I would like to be paid upfront.

How must will x cost?

Please check out the commissions page for prices.
I can give you an estimate as well from related projects.

I have an hourly rate of $30.00 CAD, as well as fixed prices which will go up as time goes on.

When can I expect you to finish?

Commissions will take time, especially more complicated ones. They can get done within a few days, to weeks, to a few months. You’re more than welcome to ask me how it’s coming along, as I will keep in contact with you and show you various stages. If you want a rush order, a service charge of 15% will be added on top.

Can I post the commission on other sites?

When I’m finished, I’ll send you a non-watermarked image, but if you post the picture anywhere, you MUST credit me. Simply saying “x made by Jeffery Kingsley” with a link back here.

I will post your commission here to this website.