Welcome to my Commission page!
Here you will find the prices for artwork along with examples.
Payment is accepted through paypal or e-transfer.

Prices may vary and are subject to change.

Please review the commission forms below, and send them to

Commission Forms

Transparent Artwork

 $10.00-$25.00 based on Level of Difficulty

Custom-made Sketchbooks


These sketchbooks are made with chiyogami paper, and bound using thread. They are hand sewn by me. The inner paper is blank mixed media paper. The small and medium sketchbooks contain 30 pages. The large contains 50 pages.

Soft Cover

$5.00 for mini (5″ x 4″)

$10.00 for small (6″ x 4″)
$15.00 for medium (7″ x 9″)
$20.00 for large (8.5″ x 11″)

Hard Cover

$15.00 for small (6″ x 4″)
$20.00 for medium (7″ x 9″)
$30.00 for large (8.5″ x 11″)
**Shipping fees will apply if you live outside of Canada**

Custom-made sketchbooks mean that you choose the paper, string colour, + size.
If you’d like one custom made, please fill out this form.

Traditional Artwork

Ink Drawing: $5.00

Simple Colour, no background: $10.00

Fully coloured with a simple background: $20.00

Fully Coloured with a complicated background: $50.00

Extra Character: $5.00

*Prices may vary

Digital Artwork

Simple background is $5 extra. Extra characters are $10 each.

Complicated background is $10-25 depending on the type of background.

Reference Sheets

Full front and back of the character. This includes a colour palette.

Extra drawings (ex. two busts, headshots) will be $5.00-$15.00.

Book Illustrations / Children’s Book Illustrations

Will be priced based on hourly rate of $30/hour, or $250 per spread, or based on budget.


DISCONNECT – Series 1,Vol 1
Buy it Here (Small)
Buy it Here (Large)

DECLINE – Series 1, Vol 2
Buy it Here

DISTRESS – Series 1, Vol 3
Buy it Here

Full Comic pages (1 page or spreads) will be $50.00. Extra $15.00 for colour.
Each extra page will be $20.00.

A simple, three stripes comic will be $10.00 for B&W, and $15.00 for colour.

Will it be colour or black and white?
Will it be one strip or a lot of pages?
These are things we can discuss.

Other Artwork

Want me to design a tattoo? Maybe a logo? T-shirt design? Editorial piece?

Tattoos and logos will be charged an hourly rate. Cost may vary.
T-shirt designs, editorials, etc will be charged at an hourly rate.

Hourly rate is $40.00 CAD.

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