Mixed Media Freelance Illustrator, Animator, Cartoonist; Kid’s Books, Comics, Concept Art, and Storyboarding

Hello! My name is Jeffery.
Some may also know me as hellsxnt on other sites.
I go by They/Them/Their or Xe/Xem/Xeir pronouns.

I’m an animator and illustrator who uses both traditional and digital medium. I use the phrase tradigital art” when I mix the two. My artwork, like myself, is flowing and adaptable.

I graduated from the Independent Illustration program, and specialized in Children’s Illustrations and Comics/Zines. I also won the Independent Illustration Award.

I am currently in college for Animation.

My freelance work includes commissions for magazines (Enby Magazine), such as covers, posters, and buttons.

Art is my passion.

Art has always been a passion of mine since a young age. It has been a way for me to express myself when words cannot. It has allowed me to feel free, and the characters I create keep me company. I want to share my passion with others, and inspire them to follow their dreams.

Interested in commissioning me? Feel free to check out my Commissions page!

Want to get in contact? Have any questions? Check out the FAQ and Contact pages for details.

I can’t wait to hear from you!